Consistent Quality

Manufacturing kart racing tires since 2006, Hoosier Tire has placed an emphasis on creating durable high performance tires that meet our customers needs.

USA Made

Manufactured in Lakeville, Indiana - Hoosier Tire has spent 11 years manufacturing tires for everything from grassroots 206 to high level shifter karts.

Unmatched Speed

Hoosier Tire is the tire of choice for open tire classes all around North America. Street races, sprint tracks, temporary circuits - we've got you covered!

About Hoosier Kartsport

Hoosier‘s full range of 5” tires are designed for specific race environments. These environments include open competition racing – where extracting the ultimate performance from a tire is paramount, spec tire racing – which is defined by consistency and predictability in performance over multiple race meetings, and entry level / economy racing – a cost containment platform where an extremely durable tire places an emphasis on driver parity.