5" Diameter Tires

CompoundTire SizeTread WidthApprox DiameterRim DiameterDurometerSuggested Wheel Width
R554.5/10.0-54.25"10"5"55-575.0" - 5.5"
R557.1/11.0-56.375"11"5"55-577.75" - 8.50"
R60A4.5/10.0-54.25"10"5"55-575.0" - 5.5"
R60A6.0/11.0-55.50"11"5"55-576.5" - 7.5"
R60A7.1/11.0-56.375"11"5"55-577.75" - 8.50"
R60B4.5/10.0-54.25"10"5"60-625.0 - 5.5"
R60B6.0/11.0-55.50"11"5"60-626.5" - 7.5"
R60B7.1/11.0-56.375"11"5"60-627.75" - 8.50"
R704.5/10.0-54.25"10"5"66-685.0" - 5.5"
R706.0/11.0-55.50"11"5"66-686.5" - 7.5"
R707.1/11.0-56.375"11"5"66-687.75" - 8.50"
R804.5/10.0-54.25"10"5"70-725.0" - 5.5"
R806.0/11.0-55.50"11"5"70-726.5" - 7.5"
R807.1/11.0-56.375"11"5"70-727.75" - 8.50"
WET4.5/10.0-54.25"10"5"43-455.0" - 5.5"
WET6.0/11.0-55.50"11"5"43-456.0" - 6.5"

Recommended Starting Air Pressures (Cold)

R55/R60A10-11 psi11-13 psi
R60B12-14 psi14-16 psi
R7014-18 psi14-18 psi
R80N/A14-18 psi
WET14-16 psi15-17 psi
Road CourseRoval (Daytona)
R60B SK CIK 6" Dia SuperkartFront 10-12, Rear 11-13Front 11-13, Rear 12-14

About Sprint Kart Tires

Since entering the kart market in 2006, Hoosier Racing Tire has developed a comprehensive line of dry and wet weather tires for Sprint, Autocross, Enduro and Super Kart applications. Our high quality products provide drivers of any experience level with a tire that meets their high performance needs.

Hoosier Cross Reference Chart

Hoosier (Duro)BridgestoneMGEvincoVegaLeCont
R55 (55-57)YLM/YNBFZ-YellowRedXM White
R60A (55-57)IZ-WhiteLO
R60B (60-62)YLC/YPCHZi-RedXH2 GreenLP
R60-6" dia (62-64)YLHXHE Green-6" dia
R70 (66-68)BlueVAH Red
R80 (70-72)YDSIR-Blue
WET (43-45)YLP/YNPW5 Rain

How to Mount Hoosier Kart Tires

DIRECTION OF ROTATION/ MOUNTING INSTRUCTIONS: Every Hoosier race tire has a four character alphanumeric code embossed into ONE sidewall of the tire (example: F7X2). To be consistent when mounting from set to set, the tire should be placed on the rim so that the serial code faces towards the left side of the vehicle. This applies to tires without directional arrows.
On tires with directional arrows, please mount the tire onto the rim so that the tire travels in the direction of the rotational arrow. Once the tire is on the rim, we recommend placing the tire inside a mounting ring and adjusting the ring to fit snug around the tire. We highly advise using the mounting ring as we believe not using it can over stretch the carcass leading to inconsistent sizing. Never exceed 40 psi to seat beads. Once the tire has seated onto the rim, it is important the tire be initially stretched to about 10 psi over cold starting pressure to get the tire to its proper "profile". The tire should be set at this pressure for a few minutes and then dropped to the desired race pressure. The max inflation pressure is 57 psi (4.0 kg/cm2). Never exceed the max inflation pressure under any circumstance.