'Race with Hoosier' Contingency Programs

2019 Championship Enduro Series

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Hoosier Tire has established a contingency program to reward those drivers competing on Hoosier Tires during the 2019 Championship Enduro Series (CES) Road Racing Schedule.

Contingency Payouts

Briggs Animal 3702 free tires-
CIK 125 Sprint4 free tires2 free tires
G125 Sprint4 free tires2 free tires
125cc Stock Moto4 free tires2 free tires
125cc Stock Moto Heavy4 free tires2 free tires
TaG Senior2 free tires1 free tire
TaG Masters2 free tires1 free tire
Yamaha Heavy2 free tires1 free tire
Controlled Limited2 free tires1 free tire

Contingency Criteria

1. Drive must finish 1st or 2nd in their respective class Final while using Hoosier tires for all four wheel positions.
2. A minimum of 5 karts must start in your class Final to receive the payout for each race day.
3. A Hoosier decal must be visibly displayed on the outside of the kart.

* No payout will be awarded based on points, qualifying order or grid order if the event is cancelled due to weather.
** Shipping is not included.
*** Shipping will be UPS Ground unless otherwise requested.